Let’s start with a question that many will ask when entering the article. What is Gandalf? Gandalf is a lender platform, with it you can get the loan when you want it over the web.

In Gandalf, you will only use your internet to obtain your loan. You will have a large amount of money at the time of obtaining it and with a very low interest rate.

How much is the maximum money?

Gandalf.mx has a minimum of money and a maximum. The minimum is 1000 pesos, the maximum is 8000 pesos. However, if it is the first time you will ask for the loan, the maximum you can ask for will be 4000 pesos.

Time frames

Dineria gives you the great opportunity to have a deadline when paying long time. The time it gives you is 10 years, this means that by the time you have spent ten years of your loan, you should already be paid.

You have the way to choose how to pay your loan; Every week, every fortnight, every month, et cetera. Remember that the maximum time is 10 years.

Requirements to obtain a loan?

The requirements that Dineria asks at the time of making the loan, are minimal and very important.

  • Have a debit card.
  • Be of age; Be 21 or older
  • Have a passport, either IFE or INE.
  • Have the status of your bank account in the last month.
  • Arrange the last month of the payroll.

How do you get the loan?

Obtaining the loan in Gandalf is very fast and simple; You have to do everything from the platform. Below we will show you some steps to follow so that you can successfully complete your order:

  • The first thing you have to do is enter Gandalf .mx. Once inside; You have to select the money you need at that time, accompanied by the fees you want at the time of payment.
  • The second step is very simple; You have to complete a form that Gandalf asks you with the personal data.
  • After the aforementioned, the platform will tell you if the loan has been confirmed or not.
  • If this has been confirmed, you have to send a documentation that they will ask for themselves; It has to be scanned. On the web you will see the options you can choose when sending this documentation.
  • In the last step you will only have to wait for an e-mail or a message to confirm the loan. They will quickly transfer the money to the bank.


The interests of this lender platform are very low, therefore they are accessible. I’ll show you a small list with examples so you can see a little better what I want to know.

  • If you get the next loan – 1000 pesos; You want to make a refund per month, you will have an interest of 189.46 pesos. Payments per month will be 361.67 pesos.
  • If you get the next loan – 2500 pesos; You want to make a refund for a fortnight, you will have an interest of 525 pesos. Payments per month will be 408.33 pesos
  • If you get the next loan – 4000; You want to make a refund per month, you will have an interest of 1732.26pesos. Payments per month will be 1693.33 pesos
  • If you get the next loan – 8000 pesos; You want to make a refund per month, you will have an interest of 3464.54 pesos. Payments per month will be 2986.67 pesos.

Forms of Payments

Make the payments of the loan that you have acquired, it is very easy:

  • Tinkerbell: You can pay by box; You have to have the number of the account in which you want to deposit, and have the status that the account has.
  • Malfoy: To make a payment here, you have to pay by cash. You only have to have the status of the account.
  • Sansa: You have to approach the Sansa that you have closest to your locality, after this you have to select the option that will appear to you; Services. Then select the option that will appear below that is; Bronn Finance. The bank number is necessary to be able to make this form of payment.

Renew the Loan

Renew the Loan

You have the great opportunity to be able to renew a loan. As long as the limit has not been exceeded. If you want to get a new one; You’re going to knot with the previous one you had.

Rewards for paying on time

On the platform you will be rewarded for paying the loan on time; They can grant you another new loan when you most want it by ignoring all the paperwork that you have done in the beginning. You can also set a new maximum when you get it.

Payment Extensions

If due to adverse circumstances that you may have in the future, while the payment of your loan passes; You can not cancel it. This platform gives you an opportunity to get an extension so you do not get penalized. If you want to do it, you will have to pay the extra with respect to that extension.